Treatments on Babies by Dr. Satish Vadapalli

Neonatal Care in NICU

How to handle the babies before came to NICU 

KMC - Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo Mother Care is a method of care for preterm infants. The method involves infants being carried, usually by the mother, with skin-to-skin contact. This guide is intended for health professionals responsible for the care of low-birth-weight and preterm infants. 

1st month 

6th Month

2nd Month

8 years old Boy

3rd Month

Real-time Example of Dr. Satish Vadapalli's journey: The Best way to weight gain in NewBorn Babies is by doing KMC. You can see about picture difference in each month.

This baby was treated for The World's First NEONATAL JEJUJAL FIBROVASCULAR HAMARTOMA on 29th October 2022 Operated by the Department of Neonatology - Dr. Satish Vadapalli (Lead Consultant Neonatology), at Apollo Hospitals, Arilova. 

Dear Apollo family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

We are happy to invite you to our first NICU Graduation Ceremony.🌟

World's first baby to have been operated 🌟😍 for NEONATAL JEJUNAL HAMARTOMA on Day 3 of life. at our Apollo Hospitals.

After a stormy journey, of 35 days in NICU, through. 2 surgeries, Fluid refractory shock, Severe sepsis, Dyselectrolytemias, and Acute Renal Failure the baby is finally going home tomorrow successfully with intact survival and no impending long-term complications.

Neonatology Team is happy to invite everyone🎂 to join and bless ❤️ the little Princess👸🏻 ❤️ at - NICU, Apollo Hospitals Arilova.

Date- 01-12-22., 11.30 am- 1 pm.


Baby was delivered by normal vaginal

delivery on 29/10/2022 at 2:18 Pm, with birth, weight, 2.76, cried immediately after birth.

O/E- Abdomen- distended with full flanks, Abdominal girth -35 cm.

Baby passed small meconium after birth

Baby of Padmaja 2nd time surgery in Apollo Hospital, near treated by Dr. Satish Vadapalli, Lead Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Baby Care for treatment by Dr. Satish Vadapalli, The Best Neonatology & Paediatrician at Apollo Hospitals, Arilova 

B/o Sreehitha DOB: 19-01-2024, TOB: 2.19pm, born 2.2kg 34weeks

B/o Trupti Das - 1.1 kg D22, Born 980gms Female G.A 29weeks. 01-01-2024, TOB: 6:22AM

B/o Sirisha 1.590 kg D58, Born 990gms, Male 25-11-2023 TOB: 11:59AM

B/o Shanthi

B/o Shanthi

B/o  Mounika

B/o Sarika


B/o Sarika

Little Prince

B/o Roja 

B/o Satya Kumari was Born weighing 680gms

Cake cutting for Discharged by 680 grams to 3 kg

B/o Satya Kumari was Born weighing 680 gms by joined Apollo Hospitals and was discharged with 3kg

Joying with kids

Present: 10 months


Baby of Sushmita 

B/o Bhavani was born before a month ago

Baby of Bhavani 

B/o Bhavani was born before a month ago

B/o Jyothirmayi born before a month

Small central line 

Eye treatment for babies, if there is any possibility for eye recovery 

Baby of Aparna

Baby of Haritha

B/o Divya Joshi

Transfer from Rajamundry to Vizag at Apollo Hospitals

B/o  Kavya Chaitanya transferred Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam, A baby born with 950 grams.

Treatment in NICU

B/o Kavya Chandrika born 980gms discharged with 1.8kg healthy baby girl👧 

The remarkable points of NICU care were

1. Using the smallest Peripheral Central line, 1 Fr. 1 Fr. PICC line, thinner than thread.

It's a usual procedure in Level 3 of the NICU. And quite time-consuming.

The x-ray and line can be seen in the photos.

2. Very little use of antibiotics. Only first-line antibiotics are used. Ampi+ Genta ( average use of abx is 3 times and level 2 )

Dear Apollo Family,

I'm happy to share the remarkable journey of a mother and baby's battle.

Mother had severe PIH and PPH and was managed well by our Obst team, Dr. Sridevi, and the ICU team.

Baby was born at 1.1 kgs at 31 wks gestation.

The Baby had RDS, PPHN needed surfactant ventilated, and NICU CARE for almost 75 days.

Baby is going home healthy with no short-term or long-term morbidity.🌟

I thank our COO sir, Dr. Sridevi Madam,

My team Dr. Fazala Dr. Vedita and our NICU staff who have been a remarkable support in all the journey. 

Focal cortical dysplasia presenting as febrile status epilepticus

Dr. Pavan Kumar Rudrabhatla (Consultant Neurologist and Epilepsy Specialist)

Dr. Satish Vadapalli (Lead Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist)

 Dr. Srinivas Metta (Consultant Radiologist)

Dr. Prasad (Interventional Radiologist)

Avyaan one year Baby

A 13-month-old boy, first born of a twin pregnancy, presented to ER with ongoing convulsive seizures.

MRI brain images of the patient, coronal FLAIR (1A-D) and T2 (1H) images showing the transmantle sign with cystic malformation of the overlying gyrus. The same seen in axial T2 (1E), FLAIR (1F) and T1 (1G) images.

Given beside PPT

NICU Avyaan Baby.pptx

B/O Potina Raju, Girl born with 1.01 kg, Boy and Girl Boy born with 980 gms

As of February 2024, the infants, who were initially born with low birth weights, now enjoy robust health. The baby boy, originally weighing 930 grams at birth, has gained weight and currently weighs 3.2 kilograms after five months. Similarly, the baby girl, born with a pre-term weight of 1.1 kilograms, now weighs a healthy 4.3 kilograms. Both infants have received their vaccinations and are thriving in good health.

B/o Jayasree

B/o Vidya Rani

B/o Jayasree

B/o Vidya Rani

Pre term Baby of Laxmi

Pre term Baby of Jaya Laxmi

AFTER 4 YEARS B/O Jaya Laxmi

B/O Aparna, 905 gm, - Tranferred from Rajahmundry 

B/O Aparna

Born with 1kg 

B/O Jyothirmai

Baby of Lavanya

Baby of Kavya Chandrika

B/O Aparna

B/O Devi